An eye to say “Good Morning!”

In Blog of the week, Uncategorized on January 24, 2011 at 1:57 pm

A little shell on a shore… for breakfast! Everything starts from it, from a summer photo that opens the flick-tale of  Laura’s fascinations. First of all BREAKFAST.

What a bad world this would be, without a colourful dish kissed by the morning sun? So, no way for melancholy sunday morning! In her blog Laura paints her “daily beginning”, she let us know,through her pics,  morning flavours, smells and colours . She cooks transforming food from A to B; she loves food (when she was a child her first word was “milk”) and food loves her (and it’s clear, just look how many heart-shaped stuff she founds!).

She’s fond of food&photos, she find art in the very little things around her and she remind us some very good reasons to wake up and smile…at first FOOD, of course (in case someone still doesn’t understand it)! She also had inspired a photographer from Moscow, but that’s a different story…well, stay tuned on totalarium!

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